Jack O’Neill tested, Tau’ri approved

Who would’ve thought that nefarious alien parasites would program their abandoned fighters to return to their mothership if their enemies activated them? Certainly not the innocent, Earthling scientists that used the parts of a Death Glider to build this ship’s predecessor, the X-301. Fresh from development, this F-302 is totally Tau’ri made and ready for deployment. After finding their original F-302 in disrepair from moving, builder Pvt. Cookie took the opportunity to build an entirely new one. More swooshable and with updated angles on the wings, this massive minifig-scale model is an amazing miniature of the original.

Stargate - F-302

A side view shows off the construction of the forward-swept wings as well as the cockpit and the rear engines. Various orientations of bricks are mixed with exposed plates and studs in the wings. Angled sections lead into the engines which make use of plates and snowshoes to add detail to their nozzles. Also of note is the use of bars and clips to model the canopy as well as the dagger blade piece used in the nose. It’s a simple piece but it adds just the right touch to match the angles of the fuselage.

Stargate - F-302

Many of you might recognize the wide stance of this ship from the Death Glider designs from the Stargate movie. The technology that Earth gained from the ships they got ahold of directly led to the F-302. The missiles mounted under each wing really give it that Airforce touch though. The builder has done a fantastic job with this model and the stand that Pvt. Cookie made is beautifully simple and sturdy.

Stargate - F-302

I would love to see this model in person someday. Swooshing this build around has to be extremely satisfying and the man-child in me wants a whole series of Stargate sets just to act out my own SG-1 mission fantasies.

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