Is there this much room in your mushroom?

Eat your heart out, Papa Smurf. Whimsical mushroom homes don’t come much better than Mushroom Manor by builder valerius_maximus. An artisan stone walkway leads to a front door that’s all charm, thanks in part to its turntable-based decorative window. Go inside and make yourself at home by tending to the windowsill planter, then wind your way up either of the branching towers. It’s the towers that really set this home apart from other mushrooms in the neighborhood. Decorated with a lovely winding vine, these towers say, “this is where you want to get your medicinal elixirs/a new clue about your side quest.” And don’t forget to spend an afternoon in the surrounding gardens with a gorgeous bouquet of wildflowers and…smaller mushrooms? Huh. Is this area zoned for a detached guest house?

Mushroom Manor