Miniature Tom and his miniature seaport

Many LEGO fans love to build miniature LEGO cities at home, and it seems that some minifigures share this passion. Tom, as depicted by Ben Tritschler, has build a small seaside scene that any human builder would be proud of. I see so much of myself in this little builder, albeit with a better hat and hair, and altogether cooler setup. Just look at his furniture: rather than simple vertical posts, he’s crafted some much more detailed table legs from modified round tiles and bar holders. Even the legs of his smaller work tables are repurposed bucket handles.

Tom's Wooden Idea Of The Future

My favourite part of Tom’s little workshop though are his simple little buildings, using 1×1 printed plates to represent small buildings with doors. Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the techinic pin perfectly representing a little watchtower.