LEGO 31120 Creator 3-in-1 Great Knight’s Castle revealed [News]

Thanks to German retailer JB Spielwaren we get a first look at the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Great Knight’s Castle that harkens nostalgic vibes back to the days of the LEGO Classic Castle. Priced at 99 Euros and slated to be released on the 1st of June, the set comes with over 1500 pieces. 

The set comes with an entrance gate with a drawbridge, a buildable dragon and tiny details like a bird of prey, a watermill and a miniature well. Bodies of water surround each tower representing the moat to secure the castle from invaders. Great Knight’s Castle comes with 3 unique Minifigures and a generic skeleton figure.


3 comments on “LEGO 31120 Creator 3-in-1 Great Knight’s Castle revealed [News]

  1. Blue Heart

    SO happy to see more of the new style Black Falcons. Blacksmith set got me hype for medieval builds, glad to know this’ll be there for when I’m ready to invest in an *actual castle*

  2. Jordan Perry

    Very underwhelming. Confusing color scheme, pirate torso for peasant, no horse or barding, etc…

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