A dark lord to rule over Middle Earth

Marcin Otreba’s latest LEGO creation doesn’t appear to have anything inscribed on it, but I’m sure if you held it up to the flame, you’d find an inscription that loosely translates to:

Three batarangs on his chest up high,
Seven on his face mask, pearl dark grey blades shone
Fine the bricks he did apply
One model Dark Lord we’d like to own.

On the internet, where LEGO builders vie
One brick to rule them all, one sorter to find them,
One builder to bring them all, and with clutch power bind them,
In the land of LEGO where bricks mystify

Sauron in Gorgoroth ????????????

2 comments on “A dark lord to rule over Middle Earth

  1. Meilleur McCheese

    Beautiful display piece! ???? Love the “speckled silver” accents – I haven’t seen that since Vikings. The chain mail piece is also very well done considering its simple build.

  2. Meilleur McCheese

    Edit: Those question marks were supposed to be a clapping emoji. Lost in translation I guess :/

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