LEGO reveals Series 21 (71029) minifigures featuring a Space Police Guy, Beekeeper, Ladybug Girl and more [News]

LEGO revealed today on their social media platforms the upcoming Collectible Minifigure Series 21. Consisting of 12 Minifigures instead of the usual 16 or more, the reasons for the reduced number of blind packs is not apparent at the moment. The minifigures will be priced at USD $4.99 | CAN $4.99 and available on 1st January 2021.

Based on the updated information, here are the following official names of the figures

  • Ancient Warrior with mask, sword and shield accessory
  • Space Police Guy with cuffs, shield and a light signal.
  • Violin Kid with violin and bow (repurposed wand accessory)
  • Alien in Jumpsuit with wrench and crystal.

  • Centaur Warrior with bow, arrow and a red apple.
  • Beekeeper with honeycomb and a beehive smoker
  • Ladybug Girl with a ladybug on a leaf
  • Pug Costume Guy with a bone accessory

  • Paddle Surfer with a grey dolphin, surfboard, paddle and cap
  • Cabaret Singer with large leafy-headdress, microphone and stand
  • Airplane Girl with a plane and helmet
  • Shipwreck Survior with a message in bottle and hermit crab companion

Check out the gallery below for more images of the upcoming Series 21 CMF release

24 comments on “LEGO reveals Series 21 (71029) minifigures featuring a Space Police Guy, Beekeeper, Ladybug Girl and more [News]

  1. Vector

    Looks way better than the previous series, can’t put my finger on why though.
    I’ve definitely gotta pick up the centaur and beekeeper. I might try for the dolphin trainer and castaway too!

  2. Jack Bellemare

    Little disappointed in the riot cop. Very tone-deaf from Lego. The Police Station modular was one thing, but I can’t imagine the design for this lineup was set in stone all year.

  3. Vector

    Yeah, the riot cop is a little extreme. And you’d hardly know it was “space” if not for the tiny space logo.

  4. Chris Adams

    If the price per unit is going up, it will be cheaper to collect 12 figures instead of 16. And easier too, as there should be 5 completes sets of 12 in a case of 60.

  5. Chris Adams

    The space policeman has the most innocent looking face, perhaps to give the impression that he’s more like the friendly bobby on the beat than a riot cop?

  6. Chris Adams

    The Ladybug girl’s helmet looks shiny. Is it perhaps a hard plastic? On the Bumblebee girl and Killer Moth a soft plastic was used for this helmet design, which never quite gave a good enough fit.

  7. Johnny Johnson

    Some notes:

    • The Aztec (Not Aztech) warrior has a headdress (Not mask) and macuahuitl (Not sword. Basically a cricket bat with sharpened chunks of obsidian along the edges)

    • The dolphin enthusiast has a paddle, which leads me to believe she has a stand up paddleboard (Not surfboard. Although it is technically a LEGO surfboard also, so you’re not exactly wrong, haha)

    • The exotic singer is a drag queen

    • The violin prodigy has an unusual affinity for the classics for someone so young, judging by the Blacktron shirt!

    • The centaur piece is a new color, but disappointingly is still the same mold. I fervently wish they would create a new articulated centaur body that matches their latest (Can hardly call it “new” anymore) horse design…

    • That hermit crab, omg its awesome

    • Pug costume better have a tiny tail printed on the torso’s back!

    • I’m curious to see the ladybug costume’s back shell piece. Will it be hard plastic? Seems like the arms won’t be overly impeded if so; LEGO’s certainly done much worse in the past in that department

    • Not sure where I stand on the beekeeper’s hat having a clear visor. A classic mesh look would’ve been ideal… maybe they couldn’t make it work, though? Dang, now I need them to design a little box hive that you can drop those 2×2 honeycomb tiles into. Argh

    • While clearly a “Space Police 3.0” minifig, the theme really suffers from having no iconic logo to draw on. And Space Police 2.0 barely even had an identifiable “look”; drab standard black & white space torsos with distinctive red visors. Why in god’s name did they go with that, instead of the more iconic black and green (And intricate torso uniforms) of the first Space Police?

  8. Johnny Johnson

    Mm, I shoulda specified that the shirt is a Blacktron 2.0 shirt. That detail dovetails into why they went with Space Police 2.0 to influence the new space cop’s look, I suppose (But it was still a bad decision! The aesthetics of the second wave had absolutely NOTHING on the cool looks served by the original Blacktron and Space Police). I guess there must be people that prefer “new” Blacktron and Space Police to their predecessors, but — while I don’t MIND them — I think that was a very bland time for minifig uniforms.

  9. Håkan

    @Johnny Johnson

    You messed up the order of the Space Police, the first series “SPI” is this one, white and black torsos (in practice basically repurposed Futuron torsos) with red visors, ships and vehicles with black and blue colors and trans-red windscreens. The second series “SPII” has green and black figures with trans green visors, and gray and black ships and vehicles with trans-green windscreens. (Also, unlike you, I think the black-blue-trans red livery looks a lot better than the gray-black- trans green.)

    Second, isn’t that dragqueen thing mainly a fan theory? I’ve also heard that it could be a reference to Katy Perry…

  10. Chris Adams

    I’m thinking that the torso and legs for the exotic singer would make a good superhero/space princess, with a different head and a hair piece. And the beekeeper’s hat looks new. I’m wondering if this will be repurposed for a hazmat or fire suit?

  11. Håkan

    @Johnny Johnson

    And I guess SPI sets were sold up until the BTII era in 1991, until they were replaced by SPII in 1992. But except for the minifig pack 6704 in 1991, SPI sets were generally sold with BTI figures, and SPII sets with BTII figures…

  12. Håkan

    @Alan Saunders

    I believe it’s just Fanon …

    The fig’s officially described as a “Cabaret Singer”, but I guess cabarets have been declining in popularity since the 1940’s…

  13. summicron

    I’m only getting the violin kid. I’ve been waiting for an orchestra instrument for so long, very grateful to finally get it

    But I don’t fancy the violin kid minifigure much. A bit more details such as creases on the white blacktron shirt would be nice.

  14. Chris Adams

    I don’t think that Lego would make a “drag queen” as these are toys for kids, and anything sexual or political would not be appropriate.. And cabaret may be a thing of the past, but so are Aztec warriors.

  15. What A Drag

    Drag queens are entertainers and frequently singers. It is disappointing (And absurd) to see that someone thinks they are too “sexual” and “political” for children. Dress-up and music are not staples of the political realm, but they are typically of interest to children.

  16. Chris Adams

    Dress-up? Music? Fine, no problem with that. But let’s not drag sex into children’s toys. And I did not mean to imply that there was anything “political” about drag queens, just that sex and politics are two subjects that Lego do, and should, avoid. As far as I am concerned, the minifigure with the feathered hat is a lady cabaret singer, and I’m looking forward to adding her to my collection.

  17. Anonymous LEGO

    Is it me or is that ladybug huge! I’m talking about the one in her hand. I might be scared seeing a ladybug that big!

  18. Håkan

    @Anonymous LEGO

    All Lego animals aren’t really made to scale, and a tile might be easier to include than the Friends ladybug, which might even be discontinued.

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