So many details, so little time

I love a LEGO build with details that make my eyes wander, trying to look for every amazing element and how it’s placed just where it needs to be to give that maximum effect and wow factor. Let’s pick a few of my favourites here from Anthony Wilson’s eye feast of a kitchen creation. First things first, that angled tessellation of the flooring gives it a more natural, less of an “anyone can do that with LEGO” feeling, which sets apart a regular builder from an experienced one.

Obligatory Iron Builder Novelty Mid-Scale Room Build

While that fridge and the air-conditioning unit don’t necessarily look like the units I have at home, I immediately knew it was meant to represent Mitsubishi-branded appliances. Not everything needs to replicate real life, but clever ways of bringing out details delight the visual senses. Last but not least, creative uses of elements are not about difficult builds but also about placement instead. The light switch and key hanging beside the door are fine examples of these visual details that require little effort but make a world of a difference.

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  1. Håkan

    @Dave Yates
    It might also be a Super Mario reference, although they might likely have been inspired by Audrey to begin with.

    Hmmm, I had to look it up, but it seems the official name is ‘Piranha Plant’, with the original Japanese ‘Pakkun Flower’ (Furawā).

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