I’m just gonna drop this right here

It’s funny when I imagine a cargo dropship I imagine ordering goods online, then a dropship drops them in front of my house from a mile above and shatters them all over my driveway. But I suppose the process is more sophisticated in space. Red Spacecat has built a LEGO cargo dropship and it’s precisely how anyone would imagine it. It’s like this thing already exists even though it comes from a builder’s imagination. That is a testament to its clean and practical design. I’m particularly loving its dark blue (with a flash of dark red) color scheme. The rotating engines are an added touch of brilliance. Red Spacecat seems to be an up-and-coming builder we should all pay attention to. We’ve featured another model from this same person earlier this week.

Cargo Dropship

3 comments on “I’m just gonna drop this right here

  1. badbob

    This is speedracer’s job, long after his racing days. He now spends his weekends falling asleep on the couch, beer in one hand and tv remote in the other.

  2. Jimmy

    Technic fig, nice! Intresting how it would definitely change the feel of scale if the cockpit had 2x minifigs.

  3. Ralph

    There’s nothing up and coming about this builder. Stijn has been at this game for years and we have featured a fair of his builds before. The only reason we haven’t featured far more is that he takes his time.

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