LEGO 40371 Easter Egg Limited Edition Gift With Purchase [Review]

With Easter celebrations just around the corner, LEGO has released an Easter Egg exclusive Gift With Purchase set. Available from the 23rd of March until 13th of April (or while stocks last) the 239-piece Easter Egg is available with purchases of $50 in the US and Canada and £55 in the UK. We have a quick review for you to decide if this is something you’d like to save up for and enjoy during the holidays.

The Box, Instructions and Contents

The Easter Egg comes in an attractive colour scheme to celebrate the festivities. The box comes with a Limited Edition label on the top rightcorner. This is something I’ve never understood as to what deserves such a label as every LEGO set is always limited in its own way and at some point in time, it will no longer be in production. It will, however, create an unnecessary price hike in the resale market, which I don’t approve of.

The set comes with 3 unnumbered bags and an instruction guide with similar print as the front of the box.

The Build Experience

The build starts off with the bottom third of the eggshell in green. It’s constructed with a slight recess of which the usage will be apparent later on. The edges of the inner lip are built with tiles with only a couple of studs visible on each side to provide easy placement and removal of what’s to come on the next layer.

The mid-layer of the egg is built with bright yellow, of which we assume is the colour of an egg yolk. The construct differs from the bottom layer as it’s adorned with various bright pastel-coloured 1×1 rounded quarter tiles.

The top third of the egg-shell is built with a darker shade of orange and has a better design spherical shape compared to the bottom of the egg.

The completed easter egg is flat on the bottom for stability, and has a pseudo ribbon around the centre adorned with patterns.

Sandwiched between the middle and top layer is a compartment carved out for a cubic shaped chick.

The cubed little critter comes with a tiny pair of legs, two eyes and an orange beak.

Upon completion of the build, you’ll realise that there are quite a number of spare elements. The set comes with a bunch of various coloured corner tiles and various flower elements to further customize your egg.

The additional space on the bottom layer is used to store the extra elements should you not decide to use them. It’s also a great way to store unused pieces so that Mom and Dad don’t get upset stepping on LEGO in the middle of the night.


I personally think that while the presentation of the box is decent, the final build is a little underwhelming and the novelty of the compartments wears out pretty fast. The final build isn’t fully egg-shaped (for obvious reasons). It will, however, be an easy build for a young LEGO fan and might keep them preoccupied for a number of hours. As they say, free LEGO is always good (valued at USD $12.99), so there’s every reason to get these added to your cart if you’re already doing Easter shopping at the LEGO Store.

LEGO 40371 Easter Egg Limited Edition is available as a Gift With Promotion on LEGO Stores online with a minimum spend of $50 in the US and Canada and £55 in the UK from the 23rd of March until 13th of April or while stocks last. Consider using our affiliate links to make any purchase as it supports our all-volunteer team and our ongoing efforts in bringing to you more great builds, features and reviews on The Brothers Brick.

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Full Gallery of the Limited Edition Easter Egg is below: