The sad tale of Sir Warick the Overconfident

Ahead of Brickvention this year, LEGO Certified Professional Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught, challenged his team of builders to build whatever they wanted. Team member Mark jumped at the opportunity and built this magnificent scene dominated by a giant dragon. And while the dragon is the first thing you’ll notice, this creation really presents the story of a knight, Sir Warick. Or at least the final chapter in his story. I promise you he’s there, just look at the end of the beautiful spout of fiery dragon breath.

Huge LEGO® brick Dragon

Every part of this creation is a masterpiece though. The landscaped base is just the sort of desolate place to find such a beast. The dragon is fearsome and strong but also sculpted in a way that looks organic and natural. Just look at the fine use of curved slopes on its face.

Huge LEGO® brick Dragon

I’m particularly fond of how the 1×2 notched slopes are used for spines or horns protruding all over the dragon’s body. Most incredible though is the fire itself. Such an impressive look was made with some of the simplest pieces, regular LEGO plates in various translucent colours. Sculpt them just right and insert a light inside and – voila – you have made fire!

Huge LEGO® brick Dragon

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  1. Purple Dave

    Historically, these were never encounters the heroes walked away from. The two most famous such legends are Beowulf and St. George. In Beowulf’s case, he was actually smart and took eight thanes with him to do battle. He didn’t do a great job picking them, though, as they all chickened out. Only Wiglaf, his last surviving kinsman, managed to overcome his fear and come to his liege’s defense. Beowulf was still mortally sounded, but with Wiglaf’s help was able to vanquish the dragon. St. George had to go it alone, and again traded his life to slay the dragon.

    So I look at this and see not a foolish knight who bit off more than he could chew, but one who is fully aware that he’s riding to certain doom, knowing that slim hope is better than none at all.

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