When will my LEGO life begin?

Lost somewhere in all the hysteria that is Frozen, Disney has put out several other surprisingly good animated movies within recent memory, such as Moana and Tangled. Sure, these aren’t the classics of my youth, or the gilded treasures of Disney past, but they are enjoyably watchable when I sit down with my kids. Tangled, in particular, stands out, if for no other reason than the absurdly long hair of the protagonist, Rapunzel. 1soko brings the tower that serves as the abducted princess’s prison to life beautifully in LEGO form.

There are some great techniques on on display here, from the stunningly round cheese-slope roof to the also round tapering and tiled tower. It might all look pretty straightforward, but I do wonder what wizardry is going on under the roof to hold all that cheese. I love the curved wooden supports beneath the living area at the top. A carriage wheel makes for a clever arched window, and there is even an old Technic gear serving as part of the chimney. I just wonder where all of the flowing golden hair is to get up into the tower.