Go down memory lane with these amazing LEGO versions of classic Transformers

Alex “Orion Pax” Jones is a very focussed builder. All his LEGO building time lately has been spent on creating as-accurate-as-they-can-be digital Transformers Generation 1 characters. There’s so much to love about these as they instantly transport us back to a time when morning cartoons were not streamed and you had to wake up early to tune in to what now are amazing pop culture classics.

Autobot Optimus Prime

The Optimus Prime in this crazy cool build includes the trailer together with roller (wheeled drone module) and the combat deck base, and extra space to hold Sideswipe!

Autobot Optimus Prime Roller+Base

Science officer Perceptor is another favourite of mine. It always stood out as a character for me as it’s neither a vehicle or flight ship but more of a functional device that had a dangerous looking shoulder canon. I can’t really recall if it fired or was simply for aesthetics. Anyone care to chime in here?

Autobot Perceptor

Don’t let her color scheme fool you, Arcee is known to be one of the best sharpshooters in the Autobot family and the most famous and recognisable female transformers in the line-up.

Autobot Arcee

And of course, how can we forget about these despicable and lovable Constructions, Scrapper and Mixmaster? The radiator grilles are simply a perfect match for Bonecrusher’s threads.

Decepticon Bonecrusher

Decepticon Constructicons Scrapper

Decepticon Constructicons Mixmaster