Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons will be the next LEGO Ideas set [News]

The last round of LEGO Ideas review results from 2018 has arrived. Five project that achieved 10K supporters were reviewed, and the winner is making history. Ancient history, that is.

The Dinosaurs Fossil Skeleton- Natural History Collection will become an official LEGO Ideas set, which will be released later this year. The project was designed by Jonathan Brunn a.k.a. Mukkinn

A second project, the Playable LEGO Piano is still under review, however, and still has a chance at joining the Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton as the last LEGO Ideas projects from 20182. The piano, built by Donny Chen a.k.a. SleepyCow, was said by the LEGO Ideas Review Board to be aan attention-grabber, but is still being evaluated due to its design complexity (much like the process Voltron went through).

Check out the announcement presented by host Ali Plumb and LEGO Ideas Associate Engagement Manager, Hasan Jensen.


9 comments on “Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons will be the next LEGO Ideas set [News]

  1. winston

    I’m really looking forward to that fossil set. I suspect they’ll only allow for one build at a time, unless it’s a really big set. that piano is really impressive. i hope that those that want it get a crack at buying it.

  2. Brian H.

    I was hoping that one would get picked. I grew up with the Chicago Field Museum and the Indy Children’s Museum so I’ve seen some bones. I think they put something in Ohare at one point too.

  3. Shrike

    Terrible selection. Yet another in long line of public humiliations for Lego Ideas.

  4. invisibletimmy

    I like the picks, would’ve preffered the food stands just for the charm.

  5. Håkan


    Hmmm, they might possibly remove the Dilophosaurus and the Plesiosaurus, as well as simplifying the exhibition bases somewhat, I’d guess.

    Overall, I find this selection better than the next, where just about everything is either too big or too bland and boring. (The Kakapo and Macchu Picchu Ideas at least avoid being oversized, but might be too niche.)

  6. Merlo

    I’m kinda not bothered by these anymore. I know they’ll go with the safe but not overly exciting pick and that’s kinda expected I guess.

  7. Jai

    Those food stands would’ve been great. :(

    But I’m excited about the dino skeletons!

  8. aanchir

    @Shrike: Considering the incredible popularity of many of the LEGO Ideas sets so far (Minecraft, Ghostbusters, Research Institute, Saturn V, Old Fishing Store, Voltron, etc), I don’t think they’ve been “humiliated” among buyer groups that actually matter. Just among individuals with unreasonably picky theme preferences or false assumptions about the LEGO Ideas platform’s intended purpose.

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