The Yin and Yang of panda house design

This month is an exciting time for the Copenhagen Zoo because they will be introducing a pair of pandas to the public this month. The two bears will be taking up residence in the Panda House, an enclosure designed to look like the Chinese symbol for yin and yang. Builder Full Plate was commissioned to build a replica of the Panda House for the Copenhagen LEGO Store, where it will be on display. It’s a great likeness of the original, complete with the curved staircase and viewing area. The unique architecture is accentuated by lush landscaping.

Panda Hosue (4 of 5)

When I first viewed Full Plate’s model, I didn’t know anything about the Copenhagen Zoo’s Panda House. However, I instantly recognized the yin and yang symbol when viewing the model from above. In particular, I enjoy how the two leafless trees were used to form the “dots” in the symbol. It’s such a visually interesting piece of architecture that I would love to see in person.

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This display includes “eye-level” viewing areas.

Panda Hosue (5 of 5)

I feel like I see something new every time I view the Panda House from a different angle!

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