Crowdfunding for LEGO and BrickLink’s AFOL Designer Program sets has started [News]

In September, LEGO launched the AFOL Designer Program in cooperation with BrickLink to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brick and to help bring fan designs to life. Out of the 443 submissions received, 16 designs were selected as finalists coming from fans from nine different countries. Today, pricing of those designs has been revealed, and they are now available for pre-order as the crowdfunding part of the program begins.

Designs will only be produced and shipped by BrickLink if they hit their target funding levels before April 15th. (That is the same day orders will be processed and charged.) If a project successfully crowdfunds enough orders, it will ship in May. Bricklink is also offering free domestic and international shipping for sets ordered during the pre-sale period.

Löwenstein Castle | 2,000 pieces | $199.99
Dan Thiele, Germany

Antique Fire Engine | 1,256 pieces | $149.99
Boone Langston, United States

Wild West Saloon | 1,484 pieces | $149.99
Jonas Kramm, Germany

Skyline Express | 1,393 pieces | $139.99
Jared Le Cras, Australia

Science Tower | 1,193 pieces | $129.99
Thilo Schön, Germany

The LEGO Story | 1,468 pieces | $99.99
Jónás Kovács, Serbia

Isle of Peril | 1,301 pieces | $99.99
Jake Sadovich, United States

Eight Studs | 1.425 pieces | $99.99
Christian Bechinie, Austria

Clovershire Castle | 830 pieces | $74.99
Logan Ellis, United States

Imagine it! Build it! | 927 pieces | $69.99
Paul Hetherington, Canada

Hot Shot Carnival | 581 pieces | $57.99
Martin Tiefenthaler, Austria

Vintage Roadster | 471 pieces | $54.99
Piet Niederhausen, United States

Bikes! | 520 pieces | $49.99
Maikel de Vries, Netherlands

Steampunk Mini Chess | 375 pieces | $37.99
Cesar Uriach, Spain

Poseidonia | 259 pieces | $35.99
Daniel Bodky, Germany

Viking Ship 3D Mosaic | 245 pieces | $29.99
Jan Yap, Philippines

4 comments on “Crowdfunding for LEGO and BrickLink’s AFOL Designer Program sets has started [News]

  1. Austin

    Hmm . . . I expected all of these to be dramatically overproduced compared to sets produced by TLG itself. Most of them are priced quite reasonably. Good for Bricklink!

  2. Redd

    The page doesn’t say anything about maximum units. Are these still limited run (~1500 units) or will they make as many as people pledge for?

  3. Felicia Barker

    After the fish automata I feared the pricing on these would be preposterous, but this is actually very reasonable. A very little over the odds, but that’s to be expected given the nature of a the project. Definitely going to be getting the castle.

  4. Dave Schefcik Post author

    Bricklink has stated that they will only produce 2,500 copies of each set that passes its crowdfunding goal. The crowdfunding goal is just a target number that indicates there is enough interest to justify full production. So yes, they will take pre-orders until they hit 2,500 but likely no more than that.

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