The LEGO Movie 2 Collectible Minifigures series unveiled, available Feb. 1 [News]

LEGO has unveiled the complete collection of collectible minifigures from The LEGO Movie 2 including the main characters from the sequel, a subset of figures from the Wizard of Oz, and a few new colorful costumed minifigs, all on new white minifigure stands.

The minifigures will be available for purchase from LEGO starting February 1st for $3.99 each, though some other retailers have already begun stocking them on store shelves.

Remix Emmet sports a new hairpiece with headphones, Battle-Ready Lucy has a new hoodie and scarf, and Vest Friend Rex comes with a blue baby dinosaur and fedora.

Arriving from the Emerald City, the gang from The Wizard of Oz includes Dorothy Gale & Toto (complete with new braided hair and printed ruby slippers), Scarecrow with a diploma, Tin Man with a new heart tile and tin cup hat, and the Cowardly Lion with a printed medal.

The costumed characters of the series include Giraffe Guy with a plant to snack on, Crayon Girl with a selfie drawing, and Watermelon Dude with a slice of himself.

Rounding out the main characters, Gone Golfin’ President Business comes with a new golf club accessory, Unikitty is as happy as ever, and Apocalypse Benny is looking particularly unhappy with a robot arm and classic space-printed toolkit.

A complete pop band from pre-apocalypse times is included with Flashback Lucy and her framed golden record, Kitty Pop with cat ears and guitar, Hula Lula with a record and microphone, and Candy Rapper with a sweet cassette tape.

The last three characters are Apocalypse-variants of minifigures from the first movie, including Apocalypseburg AbeThe Swamp Creature, and Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield the apocalypse cat.

The complete photo gallery of the minifigure series is included below. Which minifigures are you most excited for?

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