LEGO Sea Accessories Xtra 40341 [Review]

LEGO has recently re-introduced accessories packs. Discontinued way back in 1999, the return of these little parts packs has been quite a delight. In 2018, LEGO released the first five accessory packs and three Xtra-themed playmats, but today we’re looking at the newest, 40341 Sea Accessories. It will be available January 1 and like the other packs, it retails for $3.99. Since the packs include only accessories with no minifigures, we decided to call in the Mono Brothers team to help us model these while we dive through the parts.

Here’s a quick view of the parts: 32 elements of various types. The winner here is clearly that shark! One can never have enough sharks on hand.  Let’s take a quick stock of the elements.

  1. Treasure Chest (Top & Bottom)
  2. Barrel
  3. Shark & Lower Jaw
  4. White Studs x 2
  5. Red Studs x 2
  6. Binoculars
  7. 24 Facets Jewel x 3
  8. Stars x 2
  9. Fish
  10. Pirate Map
  11. Dark Brown Saber Hilts x 2
  12. Parrot
  13. Spear x 2
  14. 4L bars x 2
  15. Orange Cone
  16. Flippers x 3
  17. Plate 2×2 with Round Bottom
  18. Surfboard
  19. Oar
  20. Clamshell

The parts at play

Fisherman Fred poses with a bright light blue fish, lime flippers and a marble colored parrot in blue and yellow. The yellow and blue marbled parrot was first introduced in the Assembly Square Modular last year and make its second appearance here.

Surfer Sean poses with a Lime colored surfboard and a brown oar.

Fashion Felix poses with two pearl gold Friends Star with Stud holder and a 24 facet trans light blue jewel in a Clam with a Locking Edge on the Inner Lip.

Roger Wilco holds two 24 facets trans light blue gems, probably worth about 2 million buckazoids. He’s been hunting for these since his adventures in 1986.

Scavenger Sam, spends his time on the beach discovering things left behind. He has a single white stud on his head, grey binoculars, a single lime green flipper and most importantly a pirate map.

Sharkbait Scott tempts fate daily by escaping the jaws of Sharks. He marks his ventured territories with a buoy consisting of a white stud, a red stud and an orange cone with a plate with 2×2 rounded bottom.

Kendo Kane is equipped with two 4L bars and two lightsaber hilts in dark brown. Are these sea themed? We’re not sure.

Scalpers Shane and Sebastian spend time looking for loot left behind in treasure chests. They always end up empty-handed. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. Go guys go!

Simon sharpens two of his spears for his daily hunt. He’s also equipped with a single red stud.

Last but not least, Pirate Pete, who loves to finish that very last drop of rum from the bottom of the Barrel.

There you have it folks, the complete lineup of accessories for your sea adventures. Give the boys a hand, will ya?


It’s great that LEGO has been issuing themed-based accessory packs. It gives immediate access to some extras for that City theme for kids during play, especially for those with smaller collections. The bits and pieces all relate to themes around seas and oceans and would play together nicely with the Sea Playmat.The LEGO Sea Playmat is a complementary set to Sea Accessories

The LEGO Group sent The Brothers Brick early copies of these sets for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

40341 Sea Accessories will be available January 1 from the LEGO Shop Online for $3.99.

The other five Accessory Packs are available at LEGO Shop Online:

  1. Food Accessories (40309) USD 3.99
  2. Botanical Accessories (40310) USD 3.99
  3. Traffic Lights (40311) USD 3.99
  4. Streetlamps (40312) USD 3.99
  5. Bicycles (40313) USD 3.99

as are the three Playmats:

  1. Road Playmat (853840) USD 7.99
  2. Sea Playmat (853841) USD 7.99
  3. Park Playmat (853842) USD 7.99

Note: Mono-Coloured figures (aka Mono Brothers) are professional models trained to showcase the accessories. The Mono Brothers minifigures do not come with this Polybag. They have special training to safely perform and handle the various accessories. You may attempt these at home with your own minifigures. Your mileage may vary with how they perform. 

2 comments on “LEGO Sea Accessories Xtra 40341 [Review]

  1. Purple Dave

    The dark-brown lightsabers could be belaying pins (very nautical), or shafts for whaling spears (equally nautical). I’m kinda disappointed in the lack of lobsters, crabs, or proper starfish. Maybe they could do a sea-creatures pack someday.

  2. Emp

    If you look on the poly-bag, the dark-brown bars with lightsaber hilts are supposed to go with the spear elements to make a harpoon. Similar harpoons are found in the Old Fishing Store set.

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