The queen of bricks

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II looks resplendent in blue bricks. Vincent Kiew‘s regal LEGO build captures the charming human side of Britain’s ruling monarch. The model’s masterful observation of the Queen’s iconic dress sense is spot on, with simple choices like the curved black bricks for gloves making her instantly recognisable. However, her pet corgis steal the show for me: effortlessly adorable and anatomically perfect, with subtly offset curved bricks indicating their little wagging tails. “God save the Queen!”

Queen Elizabeth II & The Royal Corgis.

1 comment on “The queen of bricks

  1. Michael Wolf

    When I imagine the queen I don’t think about the broach on her left breast, yet its always there. If you cover that detail on the picture she just becomes a pleasant old lady. It’s a gorgeous and innocuous little detail that really defines the character.

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