Modern methods for ancient masonry

Despite LEGO bricks being bricks, sometimes building realistic walls is the hardest thing to do. Isaac Synder‘s latest Castle-themed creation does exactly that, employing a parts-intensive and fiddly technique to create a lovely brick texture with well-defined lines between the stonework. It creates the effect of weathered masonry, and adds real texture and character to the building. I also like the formal square base, and think the angle chosen for the photography coupled with the colour scheme make this look like something from one of the classic isometric realtime strategy games like Age Of Empires or The Settlers. Great stuff.

LEGO Medieval Villagers House

Even better, the building has an interior — a textile shop complete with rolls of fabric on display…

Gardar's Cloth Goods

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  1. legoventions

    I like the look of what the brick technique is going for, but it looks a little saggy and droopy in places. Can it be tightened up a bit more and maintain more straight lines?

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