The LEGO House turns 1 year old in September and celebrates with fans from around the world [News]

Yesterday in Billund at the LEGO House, adult LEGO fans from all over the world gathered to celebrate the first birthday at the Home of the Brick in a special, invitation-only event. With the Skærbæk LEGO fan event just around the corner over the weekend, featuring LEGO creations from fans who’ve traveled from more than 25 countries, the timing is perfect to bring everyone together for a celebration.

The day’s agenda included the current Experience Zones open to fans, as well activities like a guided factory tours to visitors who were lucky enough to be early in queues. LEGO Designers were all around for meet and greet sessions and signing of LEGO boxes.

Commemorative printed bricks were given out in celebration of the event, including LEGO passports with unique stamps to be collected.

Designers that graced the meet & greet session included Justin Ramsden, Joel Baker and Crystal Marie Fontan (Hogwarts Castle), Woon Tze Chee (Harry Potter Hogwarts Express) Adam Grabowski (Old Fishing Store), Mike Psiaki and Carl Merriam (Saturn V). Niek van Slagmaat and Samuel T. Johnson (Voltron) and Steen Sig Andersen (The LEGO Tree of Creativity).

Justin Ramsden, Joel Baker, Crystal Marie Fontan, and Carl Merriam pose for a photo.

Steen Sig Andersen with a request from a fan to sign the LEGO Tree of Creativity.

Woon Tze Chee has a casual chat with an engaged fan.

Niek van Slagmaat and Samuel T. Johnson with a Voltron fan.

With the designers all ready to sign the boxed LEGO sets, the queue for the LEGO Store snaked right trough the entrance of the store. However, the service was excellent and fast and the line moved quickly. The two main exclusive sets for sale today were the LEGO House (21037) and the LEGO House Tree of Creativity (4000026), amongst other exclusive souvenirs only in this particular store.

Within a year, the LEGO House facade and surroundings are still being improved with new signage on the entrance (far back in the distance), and 3 larger-than-life bricks in red, blue and yellow which makes a great spot for a keepsake photograph.

LEGO fans who travelled far always take the opportunity to find some fun on the layered brick steps at the uniquely designed steps at the LEGO House.