10 fan projects have qualified for the second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review [News]

The LEGO Ideas team has just announced that ten projects have achieved the required votes to qualify for the second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review. These ten sets reached the 10,000 supporter mark between May and September 2018, and as a result have made it into the next phase of the process, in which LEGO makes a decision about whether to select the design to become an official LEGO Ideas set.

Of course, there is no guarantee that LEGO will decide to produce any of these designs as an official set, but each fan-designed project deserves congratulations for reaching this important milestone.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy by khehmeyer

International Space Station by XCLD

SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection by Matthew Nolan & Whatsuptoday

Steamboat Willie by szabomate90

M&M’s Chocolate Candy Dispenser by EDxAS

Rolls-Royce UltraFan® – The Ultimate Jet Engine by DanCodd

Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Lego Speed Champions by AbFab1974

Fiat 500 F by saabfan & gabriele.zannotti

The Central Perk Coffee of Friends by Mric76

Mexico City & LEGO = ♥ by LegoFan_506

Lego Ideas is a platform where LEGO fans can submit their ideas for potential official LEGO sets. Product ideas that receive 10,000 supporters from fans are evaluated in a LEGO Review that happens three times each year. You can read more about  How it Works on the official LEGO Ideas website.

8 comments on “10 fan projects have qualified for the second 2018 LEGO Ideas Review [News]

  1. Winston

    I think steamboat willie is favorite here. I don’t have a sense for how rabid the Disney minifig collectors are, but I’m sure they’d snatch this up just for Mickey. Or… willie?

  2. Andrew Wheeler

    I feel like Steamboat Willie comes from the era that Disney acknowledges it’s existence (in order to maintain copywrites), but doesn’t want to draw too much attention to because of the casual (and not so casual) racism.

    I’d say one of the SpaceX projects gets approved, which will majorly suuuuck for the other one. Everything else seems like it has either a major hurdle to overcome or is a bit too derivative of an existing LEGO theme.

  3. Purple Dave

    Right off the bat, I think Mexico City is off the table. The restriction list is unclear as to whether the cityscape Architecture concept is restricted, or just the buildings depicted in the ones they’ve already done, but regardless I think that would have to be released under the Architecture theme and that rules out Ideas. The ISS has a Space Shuttle, and that is definitely on the restricted list due to Women of NASA. I suspect that the Apollo mission rocket will cause the two SpaceX projects to be rejected, too. The Peugeot rally racer has way too much deco, and steps firmly into Speed Champions territory, so I think that’s a bust, too. The Caterham Seven is currently listed as Out of Stock, so the Fiat 500 _may_ be a possibility now that it won’t be “the other car” on the shelf. Friends looks like a bigger take on the TBBT set, but that’s no longer listed on the S@H site so it may not pose a conflict. Given their current food policies on the LEGO campus, I have a hard time seeing them partnering with Mars on an M&M project these days, in spite of the fact that they did a SW/M&M mosaic, and repeated co-ventures with Kabaya in Japan. Could happen, but I’m not really feeling it. You’d need to include M&M candies in the set, and I think the columns would need to be made a lot wider to allow smooth flow of the candies without jamming. Steamboat Willie seems like a slam dunk, but they’ve already done Mickey Mouse minifigs and currently still sell one in the Disney Castle. I suspect the Mickey head is exclusively made in China, which may also make it off-limits for Ideas. And then there’s the Rolls Royce engine. No licensing conflicts that I can see, and while it doesn’t seem very exciting to me, it certainly doesn’t repeat any previous offerings.

  4. Gomek

    I wonder if the candy dispenser designer would have been better off leaving off the M&M name. While Lego might find a better offer from another manufacturer, that would certainly be awkward to release it co-branded with someone else. But the threat of that might make M&Ms fall in line quickly. We don’t want to have another E.T. situation on our hands.

  5. Paul

    My issue here is the amount of reiteration. One may love space sets, but it’s disappointing to get another three after one was made; in a line entitled “Ideas”. Perhaps a mini line if there is demand but I would prefer to see less of the repeat, such as with the fishing themes previously. Even if it were my pet love (castle) I’d make the same point.
    The Friends has been covered with similar with the Big Bang Theory. We already have ample Architecture and cars.
    So one of the least inspiring Ideas selections yet; I’d prefer Lego consider some that fell short when there was stronger competition, that area simply more interesting.
    However, despite MORE familiarity, the Speed Champions set I hope starts a trend. I would LOVE to see more sculpted land and it is something relatively newer; MOCS tend to go for super blocky and detailed.

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