Nature always wears the colour of the spirit

Earth, Fire, Water, Plants — all these elements combine in rockmonster2000‘s Nature Guardian figure. The tribal mask-style face is excellent — bound to intimidate any who dare trespass on this Elemental’s territory. The body is a combination of Technic and regular LEGO parts, something that isn’t easy to do well. I particularly like the drips from the watery arm and that trailing frond of greenery from the foot. They add visual interest and some real character, breaking up what might otherwise have been a little predictable.

Kamaq, Nature's Keeper

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  1. Purple Dave

    As someone who has experience building with both Constraction and System parts, I find that it’s pretty easy to incorporate the two when you’re coming from the former, where people who only have experience with the latter are more likely to find the possibility too daunting to attempt. This observation is held up by visual evidence, as there are tons of Constraction MOCs that feature System elements mixed in for various purposes, but vice versa is far less common. Then again, when you’re building buildings, cars, landscapes, and so on, there’s not much need for Constraction parts to achieve the desired look.

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