The Famous Family of Four and quite Fantastic too

BrickHeadz builds work pretty well for all things coherent and familiar, such as consistent uniforms or builds of famous characters. This fantastic family of four by Adam Dodge stands out among the usual BrickHeadz characters because they each have a bit of a unique attribute to show off, from the fiery human torch with his transformation to flames and the Invisible Woman showing off her powers with a partially invisible leg to Dr Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic flexing his arm.

Brickheadz - Fantastic Four!

The unique piece here is the Thing, which breaks away from the typical BrickHeadz template in size and works well with the brick studs exposed. I wanted to call out to Adam that I did notice his slip-in of Captain Salazar’s forehead printed piece, which works quite well on the base as cracks due to the weight of Benjamin Grimm.

Brickheadz - Human Torch

Brickheadz - Invisible Woman

Brickheadz - Mr. Fantastic

Brickheadz - The Thing

2 comments on “The Famous Family of Four and quite Fantastic too

  1. mrmouth1117

    First, can I pick my jaw up from the floor? Remarkable and inventive! Each member of the Fantastic Four is more then just another Brickheadz design since you captured each using their respective powers: Johnny’s going ablaze, Sue is projecting her invisible force field, Reed is stretching it a bit and Ben is just being Ben what makes him all the more special is you went beyond the 4×4 cube and added weight to his BRICKHEADZ!!! I adored this one…hey get this on to LEGO IDEAS!!! If it makes it it could be their first 4 Pack!

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