Making a pig of himself

Zhu Bajie is one of the Monkey God’s fellow travellers in the classic tale Journey To The West. Western TV viewers might know him better as ‘Pigsy’ from the late-70s adaptation. However, familiarity with the source material isn’t required to appreciate this amazing LEGO version of the porcine hero by Kingmarshy. Wonderfully sculpted from a mix of Technic, Bionicle, and regular system bricks, this is a masterpiece of character building. The face is excellent, as is the headdress, but it’s the lines of the robe, with its white trim gaping around the bulging stomach, which really caught my eye. It’s also nice to see this sort of character engaged in a peaceful activity like feasting rather than set up in a more martial pose. The accompanying furniture is perfect — helping create the period feel, but not distracting attention from the main character himself.

Zhu Bajie in LEGO

2 comments on “Making a pig of himself

  1. Purple Dave

    I actually know him best as just Bajie, the guy played by Nick Frost on AMC’s Into the Badlands. He’s the most obvious parallel, given the name. There’s a lot of disagreement over whether the Monkey King is supposed to be Sunny or M.K., but according to the actor who plays Sunny, it’s him and M.K. is the monk who they’re supposed to accompany. I have not yet seen a character who feels like a clear winner for the ogre. Part of me says there’s something to the fact that they added a character whose name is Moon, after calling the main character Sunny. Part of me thinks it’s going too be Pilgrim. There was another character I was ever-so-briefly leaning towards, but he got killed in that same episode, so…

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