It’s summer in tiny Sweden

Summertime in Scandinavia — beautiful blue skies, and sunlight bouncing from the timbered houses. At least that’s the vision conjured up in Sarah Beyer‘s latest LEGO creation; a lovely little postcard-style microscale model of a Swedish block of flats. The grille bricks create an impression of timber-clad buildings, and the window frames are nicely-done. The foliage is simple but effective, particularly that street-sweeper roller used for the pine at the building’s rear. Ice cream scoops as little fluffy clouds provide the perfect final touch — breaking up the expanse of blue, and making it feel like a wonderful summer’s day.

Swedish Block of Flats MOC

1 comment on “It’s summer in tiny Sweden

  1. Håkan

    I wonder where in Sweden this could be. It’s neither urban, nor does it look like the country side. Maybe a smaller town?

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