Distinctive fortress rises from the rocks

We’ve seen our fair share of massive LEGO castles. The effort put into these creations is always impressive, but here’s one whose styling makes it stand out from the rest. Amenk Sachio has created a beautifully distinctive fortress whose appeal goes way beyond simply being big. Soaring towers, buttresses and bridges, balconies and balustrades — this stunning castle has it all. The surrounding landscaping is suitably epic, with the odd burst of plant life and tumbling waterfalls to break up the rockwork. Things might have benefitted from a bit of action, but even without any minifigures to bring the scene to life, this is an amazing LEGO creation.

This close-up view of the main door gives a nice look at the level of intricate detailing which has gone into the model despite its massive scale. I love the sand green steps, and the unusual crest above the entranceway. The use of numerous pearl gold pieces as highlights is just the most noticeable element in those wonderful walls. Don’t miss the clever use of arches and angled bricks amidst all that grey, creating a rich depth of texture despite the limited colour palette…

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