Beautiful Micro-builds of Niklas Rosén‎

You may remember back in January we featured instructions for a tiny typewriter by Niklas Rosén. After seeing more of his gorgeous builds we decided to feature highlights from his Flickr collection. Niklas tells us it’s the shapes that give him the inspiration to create everyday household objects. Here he is trying to expand his Monofig collection with this nifty airbrush kit with paints.

Soon my monofig collection is ready

His favourite among his eclectic collection is the elegant antique clock. I love the simplicity of his gravity-defying tap with water splash motif.

Antique clock

Floating tap

Hopefully, you recognise the coffee maker and delicious treats. The Tube Amplifier will probably only be identified by hi-fi enthusiasts and people who remember the good ol’ days.

Coffee anyone :)

A tube amplifier

The sewing machine was Niklas’ first micro-scale LEGO build and holds a special place in his heart.

Sewing machine

I love it because it’s a perfect replica and reminds me of my childhood.