Galaxy Squad Microfighters

Galaxy Squad was one of my favorite space themes since the original space theme I grew up playing and building with. This pair of microfighters, created by Leonid An and Vlad Lisin , would look right at home with some of the official pairs of microfighters from the Star Wars theme. It is no simple task to re-create larger vehicles with such great detail and still built to fit a minifigure.

Egg Crawler vs Speedy Scout

I hope these  two microfighters spark more re-creations at this scale.

5 comments on “Galaxy Squad Microfighters

  1. l1ngu15t

    Thanks for blogging!
    Timofey is right, I built only a bug, starfighter was created by RhymesShelter (link above).

  2. Elspeth De Montes

    Thanks Timofey and Leonid – we have corrected the builders and given credit to Vlad. Sorry Vlad!!

  3. Håkan

    Ah, it seems to be an actual Galaxy Squad part, although the angle on this photo makes the shoulder pads appear smaller…

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