A splash of medieval color

This row of colorfully crooked medieval houses by Ralf Langer depicts his first attempt at building a custom LEGO creation. While it’s hard to believe a new builder’s first LEGO creation can be a masterpiece, it’s certainly possible but usually requires lots of studying other creations and experimenting with building techniques. Ralf has probably done plenty of both, and the result paid off beautifully. I like the style of using detached landscape elements to enhance the setting, which adds a lot of depth to the scene.

The Front - Fantasy medieval like house front - Lego MOC

6 comments on “A splash of medieval color

  1. Dan

    Although this is really nice to see, no buildings looked like these in Middle Age… these are Walt Disney buildings!

  2. Ralf Langer


    Of course this is not realistic and it was never intended to be.
    In real live all the roofs and buildings would probably have the same colour.
    And the weired angles are exaggerated too; this doesn’t mean they don’t exist, though.
    I recently saw a building in cologne that was as crooked as one of my creations here.
    There were severall buildings in the middle ages that became that crooked by time, but I guess most of them crumbled down :-)

  3. Ralf Langer


    Dozens! But mostly smartphone photos and not finished for publishing.
    There are some details I spend much time with that can not be seen on the flickr photos. :-(

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