LEGO 60th Anniversary Classic limited edition sets revealed [News]

LEGO is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its iconic 2×4 brick this year, and to mark the occasion the company is getting back to the brick by releasing a number of Classic-themed play boxes. These boxes typically include bricks in varying shapes and colors with only a few examples or instructions to allow for building and rebuilding, letting the imagination run wild.

In addition to these five already-available Classic sets, three previously unknown sets celebrating the anniversary have now been revealed, as well as one set that will be getting some new packaging. 10715 Classic Bricks on a Roll will receive a limited edition vintage-style box along with a booklet illustrating the history of LEGO.

The other three 60th Anniversary sets go even further back, celebrating classic designs by only using bricks in LEGO’s original five colors: red, yellow, blue, black and white. The limited edition sets in retro boxes will feature a house, a windmill and a truck.

These anniversary sets will only be available at Walmart for $19.99 USD each according to Forbes (clearly priced for the novelty packaging and not the piece count), and will certainly make any LEGO collector happy to display on the shelf, mint in box or built.

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