There’s an app for that

In this technology-driven age, our devices have a big impact on our everyday life. We have devices to track our sleep, devices that shop for us, and devices we wear and carry with us wherever we go. With this collection of LEGO creations, nujumetru has captured the wonderful and sometimes disturbing relationship we have with our technology.

The Gang's All Here

Photographing the models against physical backgrounds helps to set them in the real world, or as they say, IRL. One more thing that makes each of these creations stand out… their shoes! Like! Favorite! Re-tweet! Oh my.

Number 1: Sleepless

The claw-like hand reaching out of the screen and the tempting cocktail make this smartphone downright sinister.

Number 2: Picture Perfect

This happy camera is taking the ultimate selfie, and are those sneakers rad, or what?

Number 3: Out of Guntrol

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Number 4: Fixing the Drain

This sad laptop needs more juice!

Number 5: Held Apptive

Oh, yes. There’s an app for that.