Castle’s strength lies in its walls

The Castle theme remains a perennial favourite amongst LEGO building genres. This lovely model by Brick Knight shows why. The diorama has a classic colour scheme, with grey stone walls, a brown and tan wooden structure, and the obligatory red roofing. However, the wonderful details across the walls reveal this as a modern Castle creation rather than something from days of yore. Whilst older techniques like stacked upside-down 1×2 panel pieces contribute to the depth and texture, and decorated shields provide a link to the past, there’s excellent use of the modern “masonry” brick, and a nicely-judged scattering of hinges and 1×1 round plates to offer weathering effects. I particularly like the use of cheese slopes to create the arrow slits, and the lovely work on the stained-glass windows.

Castle close-up

The castle sits in a nicely-realised environment, with a stream and enough trees to suggest a larger world worth exploring beyond the diorama’s boundary. The mounted knight is surely setting out on quest to do exactly that…

Castle entire image

There are fun details to be found all over the scene. It’s worth zooming in for a closer look. I particularly liked this guard, taking a bath in the stream, his jerkin lying on the bank behind him…

Topless LEGO bather