One does not simply walk into Mordor

Serbian builder Milan Sekiz‘s miniature Mordor is the perfect finish to the (accidental?) collaborative Lord of the Rings microscale triptych (see also microscale Hobbiton and a microscale Rivendell). Sekiz’s adorable LEGO creation features a tiny Mount Doom, a teeny tower of Barad-dur (where men fear to tread), and a wee Black Gate. Not to mention, the ashy base and background results in a general feeling of gloom that is wonderful.


3 comments on “One does not simply walk into Mordor

  1. The Anonymous Hutt

    Amazing model! My only complaint is that the “spikes” next to the eye of Sauron are a little bit too low compared to the minifigure head piece. They should be moved up one or two studs to make it more movie accurate.

  2. Jordan Perry

    Seems more easily said than done. “Simple” adjustments like that tend not to be so simple at microscale. I think that would be difficult to do without making the top of the tower pretty bulky. Keep in mind that the head is more than one stud wide, so any extensions of the teeth would be difficult to accomplish.
    I’m sure the rocks around the Black Gate aren’t perfectly symmetrical in the movie either. Sometimes you have to just appreciate a great build without nitpicking :)

  3. Lukas

    This model is amazing! I love the detail in this very small set. And since it’s LOTR its obviously a win, even if I focus on Star Wars LEGO ;)

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