Moving LEGO tribute to the fallen of Passchendaele

Dan Harris is one of British historical building collective Bricks To The Past. On this, the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1’s Battle of Passchendaele, he offers a moving brick-built tribute to the fallen. In particular, it commemorates the loss of Welsh poet Ellis Humphrey Evans. You can read more about the poet and his work in Dan’s blog post. In the meantime, this quiet little scene provides a poignant image with which to commemorate the thousands of young men who gave their lives.

Hedd Wyn

1 comment on “Moving LEGO tribute to the fallen of Passchendaele

  1. john bussink

    Passchendaele: what’s the price of a mile? thousands of feet march trough the beat, it’s an amry on the march. long way from home, paying the price with young man’s lives. thousands of feet march trouch the fields. its an army in dispair. kneedeep in mud. stuck in a trench with no way out ( sabaton lyric) i’ve been there once to commemorate. the fallen ones

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