Do kings have bad heir days if they’re always wearing a crown?

Castle is an evergreen theme: always there, always lovely, always relevant. This beautiful castle gate caught my eye with its bright colors and clean build. The highlight of this build from Milan Skeiz are the minifigures (including the archers), which have custom crocheted coats! He’s made quite an elegant attempt at a boat build; I would have never guessed he’d never built a LEGO boat before. His take on the sail and mast is unique; I’d love to see one in real life like that!

Kings Gate

Kings Gate

Kings wind seeker

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  1. Purple Dave

    I was all ready to say, “that’s a lateen sail”, but figured I should get a closer look just to be sure…and I’m pretty sure that’s not an actual sail configuration. Historically, I _suppose_ it could have worked. You wouldn’t be able to reef it in strong winds (but being able to angle it top/bottom could help with that), and you’d still need sheets to control the angle (possibly three so you could control each corner separately).

    In modern sailing, you might be able to mechanize the whole thing to eliminate the need for sheets, but there would be a ton of stress where the sail frame connects to the mast. Whether or not there would be any legitimate advantage in doing so is a totally different matter.

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