Space 1979: Moonbase

Check out this stunning LEGO Classic Space moonbase by yu chris. Not only does the model have excellent presentation as a set from the heyday of the theme, but it’s beautifully put together too. And such variety — we’ve got a control tower, a rocket on a launch pad, a maintenance area, and not-one-but-two moon rovers. The exterior of the main building is encrusted with lovely technical-looking greebles, and the whole thing is surmounted by a brilliant brick-built Classic Space logo sculpture: a yellow globe with a red spaceship achieving escape velocity — wonderful.

Space Base on Earth

The base’s multiple structures split neatly apart to allow access to all the cool play areas within…

Space Base on Earth-分解圖

There’s even a canteen where the Classic Crew can chow down on freeze-dried rations…

Space Base on Earth

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