Tiny LEGO Mac built from Rasperry Pi with e-paper display

One of my favorite custom LEGO kits of all time is Chris McVeigh’s Mac, but German programmer Jannis Hermanns has gone one step farther by building a tiny Apple Macintosh classic case from LEGO around a Rasperry Pi Zero with an e-paper display and Wi-Fi running Docker.


Jannis says in his blog post that he designed the case in LEGO Digital Designer, ordered the bricks (upon which he performed some rather shocking customizations to fit the display), and inserted the electronics he’d programmed himself.


The whole thing — LEGO, e-paper display, Rasperry Pi, power supply, and Apple stickers — cost barely over $100, and Jannis provides detailed instructions on his website if you want to build your own.

2 comments on “Tiny LEGO Mac built from Rasperry Pi with e-paper display

  1. Kilian Schnitzel

    He is maybe a good programmer, but clearly no Lego-builder. There is really no need to cut those poor bricks to fit the display in. If he just would have asked a lego builder for help he could have come up with a better design without destroying lego bricks…

  2. Jannis Hermanns (@jannis)

    Good day Mr. Schnizzle,

    there actually was a need to cut those bricks – you can read about it in the blog post (hint: it’s about a hard deadline, having two kids and getting stuff done :)). But if you yourself happen to be a Lego-builder, I’d really love to see your LDD file with an uncut version.

    Greetings from the brick slaughterhouse,

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