LEGO reveals 76075 Wonder Woman Warrior Battle [News]

LEGO has revealed the first set for the upcoming Wonder Woman film (in theaters June 2): 76075 Wonder Woman Warrior Battle. The set gives us the first glimpse of Ares, one of Wonder Woman’s antagonists. This set will have 286 pieces, and will be available May 1. The price has not yet been confirmed.

3 comments on “LEGO reveals 76075 Wonder Woman Warrior Battle [News]

  1. bricktales

    Hmm, final boss battle in a superhero movie takes place at an airport, and one of the characters grows to giant size. Wonder where I’ve seen that before? Maybe Spider-Man will show up in a surprise cameo

    How in the world are they trademarking the name Ares? I mean, according to Wikipedia the Iliad dates back about 2800 years.

  2. Dawg

    The trademark probably doesn’t pertain to the name itself, but to the character design and it’s name.

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