The LEGO Movie’s Unikitty is getting her own TV show on Cartoon Network [News]

The LEGO Movie may have a spinoff TV show about Unikitty out sooner than the movie’s sequel, according to a Russian Cartoon Network reel. Following the cancelation of the animated Mixels cartoon, it seems Unikitty is coming to save the day with her adventures in Cloud Cuckoo Land and beyond, featuring a whole new crew of characters. (I can only guess that the one pictured below will be called Unipuppy!)

No word yet if the show will get sets based off of it in the way the Mixels, Ninjago and Star Wars TV shows have. Interestingly, the preliminary images seem to show a very un-LEGO style of animation with no studs similar to many other offerings on the Cartoon Network. We’ll have to wait and see if the English version will have Unikitty voiced by Alison Brie, who provided her voice for The LEGO Movie. Brie did record new dialogue for LEGO Dimensions and The LEGO Movie 4D attraction at LEGOLAND, so it seems she’s at least open to reprising the role.

According to the video, the show will air on Cartoon Network Russia, though we don’t know yet if it will be aired in the US or other countries. The Unikitty cartoon can be seen at 1:13 in the video below, which features an array of upcoming Cartoon Network Russia shows.

Update: LEGO has asked us to remove the images until their official announcement for the series.

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  1. Gomek

    Well, that was unexpected, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they could do with it.

    On a separate but could be related note, I have always wondered.. If yellow is the only acceptable skin tone for all Lego people except for Intellectual Properties… Does that mean Vitruvius is more like an IP character? Could Vitruvius make a cameo?

    Personally I think it’s pretty cool they are treating Unikitty like a regular IP as opposed to a Lego IP.

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