Presenting REJECTZ: They’re like BRICKHEADZ, only much much worse

For proponents of the art of LEGO character building like myself, LEGO’s new Brickheadz pattern is somewhat horrifying – from an aesthetic standpoint. But it looks like a lotta builders are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own, so I guess these neckless, mouthless wonders are here to stay! Anyone who was around for the 2010 explosion of Angus MacLane’s (imho superior) Cubedudes probably knows how all this is going to play out. And while some builders have tried to counteract this movement with nicer templates, I decided to see how low I could go. And I think I may have succeeded…

7 comments on “Presenting REJECTZ: They’re like BRICKHEADZ, only much much worse

  1. Reaen

    Considering how tired I am of “Big head” toys these last few years, this is a welcome change.

  2. SwordOfXactZero

    How does this website go from praising the style one moment and in the very same page, shame it?

    I frequent this site quite a bit (and will continue to do so), but this kind of post lowers the quality of what you all bring. I get that everyone has their opinions about whatever the “it” line might be, but I just don’t understand what outright mocking does. Your builds are funny, I just wish they weren’t accompanied with such mean spirited words.

  3. Elspeth De Montes

    The Brothers Brick is not an individual but a teams of ‘brothers’. Like any group of people, our opinions will vary and the posts may well reflect this. You will notice Iain uses ‘i’ and ‘myself’ in this post, he is expressing his own opinion rather than that of TBB as a whole. Finally, Iain is really not mean at all, he is just witty and dry…and walks on the edge with some of his builds. ?

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