From love bug to lean mean racing machine!

How do you take something cute and turn it into a road rally monster? That’s exactly what Firas Abu-Jaber challenged himself to do, and he pulls it off by making something already good look even better. Firas has applied his formidable LEGO car sculpting skills to transforming the beloved 60’s era 10252 Volkswagen Beetle into a 2017 model Beetle with a highly modified GRC (Global Rallycross) body kit. Using 80% of the parts from the original set, Firas has recreated that distintive sports look, with finishing touches thanks to the wheels of the 8143 Ferarri.

LEGO 2017 VolksWagen Beetle With GRC Body Kit MOC

Not only has Firas captured the sleek lines of this modified 21st century bug, but he’s nailed the interior as well, and even packed his version with all the optional extras…