Raise the drawbridge!

The first thing that catches the eye in this wonderful scene by Polish builder Kalais is the drama unfolding on the raising drawbridge as our fearless knight takes on the undead. The king and his wizard watch from the finely crafted parapet of the highly detailed tower, and on the other side, a pair of dark mages summon the dead horde under a red skull flag. Will our hero survive, or will he fall into the azure blue water?

Undead Fall is coming to the Lion Knights

The main castle wall makes great use of LEGO’s large prefab castle walls, and they really look like they belong there—no easy task. Supporting the wooden meeting house are what look like the ribs of a ship, but my favorite feature is the octagonal tower. I love the style, part usage, design, and roof of many colors. The dark rocks at the bottom of the diorama give the impression of a high tide mark covered with seaweed.