Can I get both of these in a size 9, please?

Life-size LEGO creations are the best, especially when the subject matter is an everyday, mundane item. Like a shoe! These two pieces of LEGO footwear by Felix Jaensch are great! The red high-top Chuck certainly looks like the real deal at first glance and the black pump is sheer sexiness.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Like a real Converse shoe, this LEGO one has those little breathable holes at the arch of the foot, a shiny white top cap, and it even looks a little collapsed in on itself thanks to a few expertly placed hinge pieces. Check out this other view to see how the front of the shoe is even a little wider than the rest.

And of course, in addition to your everyday kicks, you need a basic pair of high heels (for those nights out on the town). This shoe looks a bit uncomfortable, but I guess that is true of nearly any high heel, so I say, well done.

High Heel