Lincoln Logs, Connect 4, Speak and Spell, and other classic toys from your 80s childhood made in LEGO

I remember playing with some of these as a kid. We’ve featured jtheel‘s work before with their fantastic Simon Says; I think it’s high-time to kick the nostalgia factor up a bit and relive the best toys from the 80s. Or 70s. Maybe a bit of early 90s. At any rate, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

To start, an alternative classic building toy: Lincoln Logs.

LEGO Lincoln Logs 2

The colors are a tad different now, but the Sit and Spin was quite the favorite.

LEGO Sit-N-Spin

After you’re done with that, take a break and listen to music on the Fisher Price Record Player:

LEGO Fisher Price Record Player 2

The Speak and Spell was quite the milestone toy:

LEGO Speak & Spell

Going back to board games for a moment, how many fights did you start over Connect 4?

LEGO Connect Four

Relive your childhood with Don’t Break the Ice! game.

LEGO Don't Break the Ice