The Brothers Brick now available via Apple News

TBB on Apple News (iPhone)One of the areas that we’ve struggled with here at The Brothers Brick in the last year or two is our technical infrastructure, including the responsive design of our site, which hasn’t worked particularly well on mobile devices. It’s something we’ll try to get fixed soon, but we do have some good news for our readers who are on an Apple device.

The Brothers Brick is now available from the Apple News app. If you’re reading this post on an iOS device (Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) right now, you can click here to open TBB’s feed in Apple News. The screenshot to the right shows what TBB posts look like on my iPhone.

You can also find us by searching for the “Lego” topic (we’re working on making sure people can find our channel by searching for “The Brothers Brick” as well).

Want to see the great LEGO photographs we post on a bigger screen? Apple News is available on your iPad as well, and here’s a screenshot of what that looks like.

TBB on Apple News (iPad)