Avatar: The Last Airbender and the final Agni Kai

I am a big Avatar: The Last Airbender fan. Of the three glorious seasons, it’s the final Agni Kai between Zuko and Azula that sticks with me the most. I feel it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of animation I’ve seen, and the music gives me chills. NeverEnoughLEGO built a mini-land scale version of Zuko and Azula, locked in their final battle.

There’s a lot to love about these models. Zuko is instantly recognizable, with the facial scaring and red and gold outfit. The bending technique is iconic, and his stance firm just like Uncle Iroh taught him.

Azula looks dangerous, with her blue flames and bending techniques allowing her to moving quickly, accelerated by her fire and hatred. I particularly love the chaotic hair style she has going on, showing just how much her mind has broken at this point.