A dangerous race into new lands

I’m very excited to join the amazing group of builders over at the castle-themed, role-playing forum: Lands of Roawia. Castle is one of my favorite LEGO themes and lately I feel like I need a little push to actually sit down and build something. This chariot scene is my first LoR build and I had a lot of fun coming up with the main character. She’s extra grumpy and uses dark magic. The First Annual C.R.A.S.H. Games jumped out at me as interesting because it combines LEGO building with character creation using stats (along the lines of Dungeons & Dragons). The “Games” include a chariot race, archery, hurling, and a stealth maze run. I highly recommend checking out the forum yourself.

Helaine waits for the Chariot Race to Begin

2 comments on “A dangerous race into new lands

  1. Novel Ninja

    I like your wheels. They give an interesting take on speed-blurring.

    I just found out about that board while at BrickFair VA. I’m the Castle lead there, but I don’t have a big online Lego presence so I really need to poke my nose around and see what people are up to.

  2. Jennifer Post author

    Thanks Ninja. I’d definitely recommend checking LoR out. It’s a little overwhelming at first but everyone is super friendly and helpful for newbs like me.

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