Ready, Set, Escargot!

This past weekend saw one of the world’s great annual LEGO conventions arrive, Brickworld Chicago. With it came dozens of new builds and spectacular collaborations to dazzle the public. One such dazzling display came from the builders of Eurobricks, a popular online LEGO forum, who built a spectacularly intense and hilarious snail race for the ages.

Ready, Set, Escargot! by Peter Strege

This award-winning collaboration was a truly large and world-spanning operation kept together with tight planning and a singular cohesive snail design made by team leader Mark Larson. His design, which was itself awarded the title of Best Creature at the convention, was used by nine other builders to construct more snails which were individualized with unique colors and themed castles–and then finally placed into an epic race.

Giant Troll Castle by Mark Larson (Photo by Peter Strege)

As the snails raced around the track, other inhabitants took up residence in the center field, constructing buildings such as the Mollusk Mosque and the spectator stands. Baby snails were hatched and trained to become racing champions, as butterfly transports and a very cool moving airship floated above.

Spectator Stands, Photo by Peter Strege

Mollusk Mosque, Photo by Mark Larson

Airship by Garey Conley

The full collaboration team consisted of the following builders: Mark Larson, Pete Strege, Kristel, Garey Conley, Ace and Cecilie Fritzvold, Ben Hauger, Mikael Sjostedt, Adam Myers, Marco den Besten, Vincent Kessels, Bob de Quatre, Phred, Prune Face, Quarryman, Rogue Angel, and TBB’s own Simon Liu and Tim Lydy.

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