For the (LEGO) birds...

Join me as we go bird watching, courtesy of Joe Perez of Bright Bricks!

First, we see a beautiful example of a Peregrine Falcon. This record-setting bird of prey can reach speeds over 200 mph (322 km/h) and is found throughout the world. Joe’s rendition of this majestic bird is giving us some pretty impressive side-eye from its natural outdoor habitat.

As we continue our bird-watching tour, we come upon the Gyrfalcon. This specimen is prized as a hunting falcon, and is the largest of the falcon family. It too finds its home across the world. Just look at the curve and sculpting on those wings.

Our final stop is the majestic Golden Eagle. This brick-built beauty is capable of taking down a wolf, though it generally prefers larger rodents of the rabbit variety. I feel the eagle is ready to take off any moment.