LEGO Ninjago 70604 Tiger Widow Island [Review]

By now, everyone is familiar with Ninjago’s new Skybound theme. We’ve already reviewed Zeppelin Raid and Misfortune’s Keep and today, we’d like to share our review of 70604 Tiger Widow Island. The set includes 450 pieces, 5 minifigs, and retails for $49.99. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and, except for the tricky chain connection holding up the “teeth” of the cave, the build was relatively straightforward.

70604 Tiger Widow Island

Inside the box are five bags. The first contains Sensei Wu’s balloon and the floating land bridge. The second bag contains the basic cave structure and the “tiger widow” spider. The third bag contains the temple itself. The fourth bag contains the pirate flyer, the palm tree, and the wooden bridge. The last bag is unnumbered and contains the parts for the big figure Dogshank.

The five minifigures are, from left to right: Dogshank (a powerful female fighter with a unique code of honor), Squiffy (a flying pirate), Sensei Wu (the ninja’s mentor), Cole Bucket (an earth ninja who, after battling an enemy named Morro, became a living ghost. Hence, the green skin-hue.) and Nya Smith (a water-master ninja).

70604 Tiger Widow Island

The minifigures have unique outfits and sport printing on both their front and backsides. Cole and Nya each have sweet double Katana scabbards too. I’m a fan of the bad guys’ orange and dark green color scheme and I particularly like that Squiffy’s outfit is non-symmetrical. However, it’s something of a let down that only Cole has more than one expression (especially considering that Nya and Wu’s headpieces would easily cover the unused backside expression), but Cole’s grin is quite endearing.

70604 Tiger Widow Island

There doesn’t appear to be to ton of new parts in this set, but there are a fair amount of new-ish parts (many of the new parts also appear in 70603 Raid Zepplin.) The most interesting parts are:

  • A beautiful, Japanese screen-style printed glass window (I want at least a dozen of these)
  • The white skull Djinn Sword Hilt (FYI, the Djinn sword apparently contains the trapped soul of Ninjago character Lloyd)
  • The 1×1 round tile with Lloyd’s face (so you know he inside the sword)
  • The stickered items (4 flags, 2 wings, 2 maps, and a beware of spider sign)
  • Three serrated cutlasses with skull hand guard (so cool!)
  • Four Sand Green 1×1 Modified Tile with Clip

70604 Tiger Widow Island

The completed build is sturdy and has a ton of play features, like the ability to drop coconuts from the top of the temple onto unsuspecting baddies, a cave with a lever-operated, teeth-chomping entrance, and a falling palm tree to knock out intruders. Another selling point of this set is the high piece count of plant parts. If you need to expand your LEGO plant collection (like I do), this set is a great opportunity to do so.

70604 Tiger Widow Island

Assuming the standard LEGO pricing of $0.10 per piece and $3-4 per minifig, I’d say this set is reasonably priced. Considering the stylish minifigs, interesting weapons, the beautiful Japanese screen, and the plant pieces, I feel confident recommending this set. Also, if you’re interested in picking up a copy for yourself, you can support TBB by purchasing this set from

On a side note, while researching the characters, I discovered an awesome coloring book page of this set on LEGO’s website. I’ve already printed one out for myself. Now I just have to find my crayons…


1 comment on “LEGO Ninjago 70604 Tiger Widow Island [Review]

  1. Aanchir

    Good review! This set is one I’m particularly excited for. It’s got some nice architecture and great landscaping, plus an awesome selection of figs. And to top things off, it was designed by a friend of mine (Nicolaas Vas, who also designed the amazing Master Wu Dragon set last year).

    Ghost Cole and Nya will both be appearing in other sets this summer, but Dogshank is exclusive to this set. She is pretty noteworthy as both the first female bigfig and the first Ninjago bigfig! Also, together with female sky pirate Cyren, she makes the sky pirates’ gender ratios more balanced than any previous Ninjago villain faction. I appreciate the research you did when describing the characters. Some reviewers don’t talk much about the characters unless they already know the story.

    I wish Nya would get a new face soon. The samurai version last year did have an exclusive head with both a printed mask and an alternate printed face, but last year’s and this year’s ninja versions of Nya have just used generic female faces that IMO don’t really look like she does in the show. The 2014 version also used a generic female face from LEGO City, but IMO it looked a bit more like how she’s supposed to look.

    I really like the coconut tree build in this set, which is easily one of the best LEGO palm tree designs I’ve seen in recent years. The spider-patterned flags in this set give me a bit of an Islanders vibe. I wonder if that was deliberate. The rice-paper window element from this set also comes in That set’s a year old now so you might want to keep your eyes peeled in case it goes on clearance — could be a good opportunity to get more of those windows.

    Anyway, thanks for the review! I think I’ll be going to the LEGO store to pick up this set today! :D

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